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See me in shadow – Delain(LIVE)



Standing in the shadow of our lies
To hide our imperfections
Doing anything we can to hide
Eyes wide open but still blind
To see what really matters
And insecurity won’t go
See me in shadows

Standing by the ruins of your soul
That cries for some more meaning
Wondering when you have
Become so cold

So cold
And all the pictures of your past are gone
So cold, so cold
Forget yourself
And who you are
Another life is not that far

Standing by the paintings of your dreams
But you have awoken
And all the purples and the greens
Have turned to black
And the ruins of your soul
Have died, no more meaning
I wonder when you have
Become so cold


Not that far

  1. 天天在里面上班都找不清路,这变态被抬进来就知道电箱在哪,出口在哪!太扯了,没意思!